Centurion Apparel is a USMC Veteran owned and operated business dedicated to promoting traditional conservative values.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of ushering a public renewal of pride in conservative beliefs.


Founded by two American millennials, Centurion Apparel was named for the virtues of the Roman Centurions and inspired by the values of the Founding Fathers of America. The brand is meant to encourage Americans (especially millennials) to regain a sense of pride and strength in our country. Our goal is to bring back traditional conservative values through our products using humor and current events.

cen·tu·ri·on (noun)

The commander of a century in the ancient Roman army. The centurion in the infantry is chosen for his size, strength and dexterity. He is to be vigilant, temperate, active and readier to execute the orders he receives than to talk; Strict in exercising and keeping up proper discipline among his soldiers.